Devil May Cry 3 Switch port also adds new weapons switching

The Devil May Cry 3 Switch port is gearing up to be less and less like a normal Switch port, given the new stuff it is getting. In addition to the style switching feature Capcom announced a few weeks ago, the game will also let players quickly switch their weapons around as well, further opening up DMC3‘s combo potential.

Devil May Cry 3, in all of its many, many forms, has always let players switch their weapons. However, those weapon switches were locked to whatever two melee weapons and two ranged weapons you chose before the mission (or at a Divinity Statue). This was quite limiting as there were more than two ranged weapons and two melee weapons in the game, meaning you could never come close to having everything at your fingertips.

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Now with this new version, as described by Capcom Producer Matt Walker, players will be able to use the shoulder buttons to cycle through every weapon they have acquired so far. Players can also hold down a shoulder button to get a radial menu with each weapon, allowing for greater precision. The radial menu means you wouldn’t have to cycle through your Rebellion sword, Yamato, and Beowulf just to get to the Agni and Rudra dual swords.

Devil May Cry 3 Switch port also adds new weapons switching

This, like the style switching, will be available in the Free Style mode. It is also still unknown, but unlikely, that this feature will come to any of the other versions of DMC3. Regardless, Capcom will be showing off weapon switching in its stream of the Switch version on January 30 at 2 PM PT over on its Twitch channel. Capcom has one more surprise planned for the DMC3 Switch version, which it will reveal on February 13, the week before the game comes out.