Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date serves up fun on the Switch

Sharpen your knives and grease up your pans, as the Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. After several years in slumber, Cooking Mama: Cookstar is finally bringing the game to Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console.

A user on ResetEra highlighted a trailer (which has since been pulled) from late last year that seems to have recently popped up for some reason. This led to a flurry of discussion on the topic as the game has still not yet been officially announced by Nintendo — was this a sign of things to come?

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The trailer lists the Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date window as March 2020 and implores players to visit, a website that currently uses a GoDaddy Parking Page. It’s hosted on the YouTube channel for Planet Entertainment, the same company that is reportedly developing the game.

Users dug up several other interesting items. A search for the game on the ESRB website brings up nothing, but the USK (Germany’s equivalent of the ESRB) has a listing for the game. Furthermore, Koch Media’s shop also lists the game, although this appears to have a placeholder release date of 12/31/2020, so it seems that the Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date is rather uncertain.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date chop

That’s not the only point of interest, though — Cooking Mama: Cookstar a store page listing may also be making its way to the PS4 judging by the aforementioned listings. The USK rating notes that the game is coming out for the Nintendo Switch and the PS4, and Koch Media’s shop also has for a PS4 version of the game.

So, are we going to officially hear about the Cooking Mama: Cookstar release date anytime soon? Considering that it’s supposed to come sometime in March 2020, Nintendo would have to announce it sooner rather than later. Rumors abound that we’re getting another Nintendo Direct before the month is out, so that would be the time to announce it!