CD Projekt Red won’t be at PAX East due to coronavirus concerns

CD Projekt Red won’t be at PAX East due to coronavirus concerns, it has been revealed. The message came from the studio’s Head of Communications Stephanie Bayer, with the company prioritizing “keeping the team healthy” over attending the event.

CD Projekt Red has followed suit with Sony, which also decided to skip the event and canceled its planned The Last of Us 2 demo in the process. Bayer also confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t scheduled to appear at the event regardless of CD Projekt Red’s attendance.

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Bayer said that CD Projekt Red should still have a presence at GDC, despite Hideo Kojima and Kojima productions recently pulling out of the event due to coronavirus concerns.

Her tweets on the topic can be viewed below:

CD Projekt Red not appearing at PAX East is a big blow for the event. Capcom and Square Enix have also joined a number of companies including Sony that have bowed out of the show, all related to the spread of the coronavirus.