Project G.G. trailer and screenshots reveal massive battles

We’re getting our first look at the Project G.G. teaser trailer and some new screenshots uploaded to the official website for Platinum Games’ next project. The strange Platinum 4 website that popped up a little while ago is finally revealing its purpose!

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Earlier today, Project G.G. was revealed in detail as the next upcoming title from Platinum Games. What’s more, this game will be entirely self-published as their own original creation. Now, we’re getting our first look at some screenshots.

The first image (seen in our header) shows a man facing off against a gigantic blue cloud.

Project G.G. Platinum Games 02

The second image shows a man with glowing blue eyes, obscured by some smoke or fog.

Project G.G. Platinum Games 03

The third and final image shows the man facing off what appears to be a gigantic, city-sized monster.

And that’s it for now! You can read more about this upcoming game on the official Project G.G. website. Check out the Project G.G. teaser trailer below!