Command & Conquer Remastered release date brings a 4K revival

The Command & Conquer Remastered release date has been announced and it’s bringing with it some awesome new 4k graphics for this classic real-time strategy! The devs have been hard at work making Command & Conquer Remastered with the help of the community and they have a lot of cool stuff lined up.

The most noticeable improvement in this remastered game is, of course, the graphics. 4K resolution will be supported right out of the box, although players hoping for a classic look can toggle it to “Legacy” mode in solo play. Best of all, this change can be made in realtime.

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Players can enjoy the 100 original campaign missions along with the spec ops missions from the console editions and some other unspecified “secret treats”. Of course, them multiplayer has been completely rebuilt as well, featuring an ELO-based matchmaking system and an in-game leaderboard.

The sidebar UI, controls, and FMVs have all gotten a lot more polish. Let’s not forget about the soundtrack, though! Frank Klepacki has returned to master more than 7 hours of awesome metal music, making this the best version of the O.G. Command & Conquer games to date.

This remastered edition is shaping up pretty nicely and you’ll be able to get it soon: the Command & Conquer Remastered release date is June 5, 2020, on Steam and Origin. Check out the trailer below to see some of these new features in action!