Queer Eye is giving Animal Crossing: New Horizons players design tips

Queer Eye interior designer Bobby Berk is offering tips to Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, showing them how to decorate their islands (and offering them some positive affirmation along the way.)

Queer Eye viewers will know Bobby as the incredibly talented designer who transforms the homes of the Netflix show’s participants. Now he has taken his talents to Animal Crossing‘s islands, offering advice to those seeking it while also complimenting players on their current layouts.

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The official Queer Eye Twitter account has encouraged players to ask for advice using the #QExAC hashtag, with Bobby currently replying to tweets asking for his help:

Thus far, Bobby has fielded questions regarding how New Horizons players can make the most out of their Animal Crossing home, suggesting that a player with a minimalist home should seek to make their space “more comfortable”:

Bobby’s advice hasn’t gone unheard by the Animal Crossing community, with players taking his tips and implementing them to improve their in-game homes:


Bobby has also been complimenting players who have already made some impressive islands, including animator and former Game Grumps host Ross O’Donovan:

However, Bobby hasn’t been completely complimentary of some of the design choices he’s been approached with. One particular player received a suggestion to declutter their living space, with Bobby suggesting that they instead receive advice from fellow Netflix host and organizing consultant Marie Kondo:

Queer Eye isn’t the first celebrity crossover with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Previously, Elijah Wood became the talk of Twitter after dropping into a fan’s island in order to sell his turnips, impressing them with his politeness in the process. Chrissy Teigen and Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson have also been sharing stories of their Animal Crossing exploits on social media, as the game continues to grow in popularity since being released on Nintendo Switch last month.