Poketoon is an adorable Cuphead-style Pokemon cartoon

Modern Pokemon anime often looks very crisp and clean, but a team of animators have recently decided to make something that looks a lot older. Poketoon is a new Pokemon cartoon that looks an awful lot like Cuphead and classic Looney Tunes shows from the early days of animation.

The episode titled “Chase the Beans” stars Zurugga and Mimikkyu in a slapstick adventure taking place on a moving train. In it, we see Zurugga following a trail of beans until it finds itself on a moving train. From there, it encounters an unexpected surprise: Mimikyu was hiding there the whole time.

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The Poketoon animation is purely in the style of classic cartoons; everything including the music, animation, and gags looks like it was taken from the early 20th century. Although this episode is featured on the Japanese Pokemon Kids TV YouTube channel, anyone can enjoy it thanks to the lack of any spoken language.

This wasn’t the only new Pokemon episode to make its debut; episode 5 of the Pokemon Twilight Wings web anime has also recently arrived. For now, you can check out the adorable comedy in the Poketoon throwback cartoon below.