Nintendo LEGO NES leaked and it’ll destroy your wallet

new Nintendo LEGO NES set has been teased on the company’s official Twitter, but it’s already leaked overseas. If this leak is indeed true, you should prepare for some sticker shock: this Nintendo LEGO set might cost you over two hundred dollars.

“Are you ready to play like never before?” inquires a tweet on the official LEGO account. The tweet shows what appears to be an NES, a controller, and an older-style television, and that’s about all.

However, ResetEra reports that the Hong Kong gaming site VJ Gamer have additional details (and some pictures, too). According to them, these are the details on the new Nintendo LEGO NES set:

  • Set Number: 71374
  • Name: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Number of pieces: 2.646
  • MSRP: €229.99
  • Release Date: August 1, 2020

Yes, you read that correctly: StoneWars reports that this LEGO set will cost €229.99 — that’s $261.30 or £206.90 at the going rates. Then again, the LEGO Super Mario sets were pretty pricey, too.

This new Nintendo LEGO NES set is definitely a display piece aimed at adults, so the price tag makes sense. On the upside, it can also reportedly interact with the LEGO Super Mario sets which recently got some new content earlier this year. It’ll certainly make a fine addition to your collection — if you can afford it.