No Man’s Sky Desolation update looks scary as heck

Yesterday’s teaser video has finally come to fruition: the No Man’s Sky Desolation update has been revealed and it looks scary as heck. While the vastness of space has always been somewhat terrifying, this brand-new addition to No Man’s Sky adds some much-needed horror to its procedurally-generated universe.

Central to the Desolation update is the addition of infestations. Some freighters are no longer occupied by people — instead, a deadly batch of alien eggs has covered the insides of these ships. Disturb their nests and you’ll be in for a bad time.

This new No Man’s Sky update also adds a new layer of procedural generation with Procedural Stories. Each infested freighter has a story to tell and you can uncover it as you explore the doomed ship by collecting ship logs and the personal effects of the crew, ultimately gaining access to the captain’s log to figure out what went wrong.

Speaking of freighters, this update also adds several new improvements to your own freighter. Your missions onto infested freighters in the Desolation update can unlock new technologies for your own ship. Inventory is easier than ever to manage, and now you can build a teleporter on your freighter to make transportation easier, too.

You can check out all of the spooky goodness in the No Man’s Sky Desolation update trailer below.