Prince of Persia PS4 remake leaked by Latin American retailer

Prince of Persia PS4 remake and Prince of Persia Nintendo Switch remake have been leaked by a Latin American retailer, strongly hinting that we may finally see a return of one of gaming’s most legendary heroes.

The listings were first spotted on Twitter by @KenXyro (via ResetEra) on Guatemalan retailer Max. At the time of writing, the storefront still has listings for both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of this game up for sale.

The Prince of Persia PS4 remake is retailing for Q539.00 ($70.13/£53.29/€59.06). The Nintendo Switch version, however, is a little more expensive with a Q629.00 ($81.88/£62.20/€68.93) price point.

If you happen to be concerned that this game will have a $10–$20 price bump on launch, don’t worry: it doesn’t look likely. The same retailer lists Konami’s PES 2021 for PS4 at Q539.00. Paper Mario: The Origami King is listed at the even higher price of Q719.00, so it just seems that games are more expensive overall in Guatemala.

Prince of Persia PS4 remake store listing Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the game itself. Is this a Prince of Persia remake created from the ground up, one of the older games with fresher graphics, or that canceled Prince of Persia Redemption game that’s been on YouTube for years? for the current generation? Will it be coming to PC or the PS5? What about the Xbox? These are all questions that we don’t yet have answers for.

The last and most critical question is, of course, whether or not this is real. We don’t have much in the way of corroborating evidence just yet, but it’s looking pretty good thanks to a tweet from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier implying that this is indeed a genuine leak.

“Video game retailers sure love leaking Ubisoft’s surprise announcements,” he said.

One thing does seem pretty clear, however — Max’s retailer listings say that the Prince of Persia PS4 remake and Nintendo Switch remake are expected to launch sometime in November 2020, so we may well see a surprise announcement soon. The next Ubisoft Forward is slated for sometime in September 2020; if there is going to be an announcement of a Prince of Persia PS4 remake, we’ll probably hear about it at that show. Make sure you tune in!