Fall Guys Twitter celebrates 1 million followers with weird Yellow Team trailer

The Fall Guys Twitter has just hit a major milestone: the creators of this super-weird (and super-fun) party battle royale have crossed the 1 million followers mark just two weeks after the game launched on PC and PS4.

Fall Guys has proven to be tremendously popular. Aside from being a boatload of fun, the game’s social media account is run by an absolute madlad with a talent for attention-grabbing tweets. Understandably, people perked up when the Fall Guys Twitter announced that they were getting close to 1 million followers.

The promise of a spicy tweet was certainly intriguing. When they’re not busy trolling Twitch streamer TimTheTatman (or getting Spotify and Twitch to join in on the fun), the game’s Twitter feed produces a steady stream of memes, wild ideas, and amusing interactions with other games.

Then, the magical moment happened: the Fall Guys Twitter crossed 1 million followers. They were congratulated by Geoff KeighleyCyberpunk 2077, and loads of other games and notable personalities. Best of all, they hit 1 million followers before TimTheTatman scored himself a crown.

As promised, they also posted the spicy tweet we were waiting for. Take a look at it for yourself below and bask in the weirdness! Now, all they need to do is get 800K or so more retweets and they’ll delete the yellow team from the game.