Why wasn’t Silent Hills at The Game Awards 2020?

Despite rumors that Silent Hills (or a new Silent Hill game under another title) would make an appearance at The Game Awards 2020, we’ve once again been disappointed. So, what was the issue? Some leakers seemed confident Konami would reveal a Silent Hill game at The Game Awards, but aside from the beginning of the Returnal trailer, we saw nothing resembling the iconic horror series.

Why wasn’t Silent Hills at The Game Awards 2020?

Silent Hill TGA 2

Well, Silent Hills, the reboot of the horror game series headed by Hideo Kojima starring Norman Reedus, was canceled in 2015. Silent Hills likely won’t ever see the light of day. Even if a new game is made in the series, it will likely go by a different name.

As for a new Silent Hill, despite leakers stating that a reveal would be present at TGA 2020. However, it’s time to face facts. There’s absolutely no actual evidence pointing to a new game in the Silent Hill series, reboot or otherwise.

A tactic that “leakers” frequently use is that they drop whatever they’ve heard on social media and then delete the predictions they’ve gotten wrong. This increases their clout as a “proven” leaker, and then whenever they say something, fans get excited, only to be disappointed. Since no one keeps track, these people can continue to do this repeatedly to increase their following.

Of course, some leakers are legit, and even the bad ones get things right from time to time. However, in this case, there’s nothing that points to a new Silent Hill game. The current GR staff have covered every major gaming event for the last three years, and we’ve seen one clout chaser or another predict Konami will reveal a new Silent Hill before every single one. This only increased when Konami canceled Silent Hills.

So, Silent Hills wasn’t at TGA 2020 because it no longer exists. Due to the continual trend of leakers getting predictions wrong about a new Silent Hill game, we recommend no one get excited about the prospect until Konami makes an official announcement.