Call of Duty ‘SBMM Warzone’ website lets players track skill-based matchmaking

The “SBMM Warzone” website is a third-party tool that Call of Duty players can use to view the average Kill/Death ratios of a lobby. It can also be used for a general overview of the lobby’s (unofficial) ranking when it comes to skill-based matchmaking, with the site assigning a rank of either Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Users can search for any player name, making it easy to assess the matches of world record holders who achieved success in “easier” lobbies.

How to use the SBMM Warzone tracker website

Call of Duty SBMM Warzone tracker website

To use the SBMM Warzone tracker website, users will need to do the following:

  1. Head to the SBMM Warzone tracker website.
  2. Enter the player username.
  3. Select a round.
  4. View the stats for both Teams and Players.

This tool can’t be used to preview Warzone lobbies, which would allow players to quickly assess the average KD ratio and back out if it was too high, causing issues in tournaments and generally harming the experience for everyone. Instead, the SBMM Warzone website provides a match overview once the game has come to an end.

The SBMM Warzone tool is useful for those wanting a deeper analysis of who they were playing against and just how good the lobby was. For example, winning against a Diamond-rated lobby would be quite exciting when compared to a Bronze or Silver lobby.

Players have reportedly been using a Call of Duty: Warzone “Bot Lobby Glitch” to find easier matches. This ability to bypass the game’s skill-based matchmaking is particularly problematic when it comes to tournament play and unsportsmanlike conduct.

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