Rocket League Garage goes down after ‘serious fire’ breaks out

Rocket League Garage, the car soccer game’s premier trading hub and fan site, has gone down as a result of a “serious fire” that has broken out in one of its datacenters. The service is currently offline and undergoing maintenance as a result of this, preventing players from accessing it in the meantime.

Why is Rocket League Garage down?

rocket league garage down maintenance back soon

RL Garage confirmed the news on its site after players found that they were unable to access the site as it went offline earlier today. Tweeting about the incident, RL Garage’s owners said that a fire had “destroyed a datacenter” that hosted some of its services. The official account noted that its team was working to “restore our backups elsewhere,” though that the downtime would continue throughout the day.

Rocket League Garage confirmed that no one had been injured in the fire and that the datacenter’s employees were safe. As Rocket League Garage is not officially related to Rocket League, the game is functioning as usual.

The statement from the site reads:

“A serious fire has destroyed a datacenter which hosts some of our services. According to the provider everybody over there is safe! We’re working to restore our backups elsewhere, but the downtime will continue well into today. We’ll keep you posted – sorry for any inconvenience.”

Rocket League Garage is used by players in order to facilitate trading in the game, which allows them to swap cosmetics that they can apply to their vehicles. The game regularly adds new tradeable items through its Battle Passes each season, with players then able to use RL Garage in order to search for items such as decals and antennas, before obtaining them with other items in their inventory.

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