Mighty Doom makes slaying demons cute on mobile

Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition included mobile studio Alpha Dog Games. The team’s next project had mostly remained under wraps, though the Google Play Store listing for Mighty Doom recently started to gain traction. Mighty Doom is a “single-touch shooter” with a chibi art style that’s highly atypical of the series. It’s available to test in certain regions on Android right now, but what’s the latest on a global Android version and the iOS release date?

Mighty Doom Mobile: When is the Android and iPhone release date?

Mighty Doom Mobile Android iOS release date

Mighty Doom is available to download now via the Google Play Store on Android in New Zealand. Bethesda hasn’t revealed a Mighty Doom Android and iPhone release date for other regions yet.

The cutesy demon-slaying game quietly came to Android in NZ a number of months ago now. Although Bethesda hasn’t officially acknowledged the game in public, it’s very much legitimate. With titles like Fallout Shelter and The Elder Scrolls: Blades translating successful PC and console franchises into the mobile space, it was perhaps only ever a matter of time until Doom joined them.

With Mighty Doom currently in Early Access, it’s hard to speculate on when the final version might release. This unofficial gameplay footage from December 2020 showcases a game with notable performance issues. As a result, it could be a while before Mighty Doom is ready for its full launch.

Since there’s no indication of what build number or device the app is running on, however, it’s impossible to tell how far along the game may be. Regardless of its technical performance, the top-down gunplay showcases several demonic enemies that burst into little pools of blood. How sweet!

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