Batwoman introduces DC superhero Spoiler, but who is she?

The latest episode of the CW’s Gotham City-set Arrowverse show Batwoman introduced a major and beloved character from Batman comics in the form of Stephanie Brown (played by Morgan Kohan), otherwise known as the superhero called Spoiler. In Batwoman, Stephanie Brown hasn’t yet assumed her superhero identity, but in the comics she’s played an important role, with a particularly close connection to Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Who is Batwoman’s Stephanie Brown in the comics?

Batwoman Stephanie Brown Spoiler

As established in Batwoman Season 2 Episode 13 ‘I’ll Give You A Clue,’ Stephanie Brown is the daughter of Arthur Brown, the villain known as Cluemaster — a third-rate Batman villain who is basically a rip-off of The Riddler, although he rose to prominence in the “New 52” series Batman Eternal. Stephanie herself is a relatively new Batman character, having been introduced in 1992. Her Spoiler persona is usually created as a means to stop her father, after which she continued crimefighting.

In both her original appearance and the recent New 52 reboot of the DC universe, she has a relationship with Tim Drake a.k.a. Robin and forms a close friendship with Cassandra Cain, who can be either Batgirl or Orphan.

One of the most important facts about Stephanie is that she is one of only two DC characters to have held the mantle of both Robin and Batgirl, the other being Carrie Kelley from The Dark Knight Returns (which is non-canon). In the original continuity, she actually became the second Robin to die at the hands of a major Batman villain, in this case, Black Mask — who is the main villain of Batwoman Season 2, as well as appearing in the Birds of Prey movie last year. In more recent continuity, as Spoiler she joined a team formed by Batman, Tim Drake, and Kate Kane’s Batwoman, although that fell apart after Batwoman was forced to kill their ally Clayface.

Morgan Kohan’s appearance as Stephanie Brown in Batwoman marks the first live-action appearance of the fan-favorite character Spoiler. There is no confirmation yet as to whether she will suit up as Spoiler and help Batwoman later in the season, but she’s already helped to take down Cluemaster so she’s halfway there already.

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