Batwoman finale teases a major Batman villain for Season 3

With all eyes on Batwoman Season 3 after the explosive Season 2 finale yesterday, the show hinted that a major Batman villain will make an appearance when the show returns: Poison Ivy. The Batwoman Poison Ivy tease dropped in the closing moments of the show, and strongly hints that the character will be a major villain when it returns. The Batwoman Season 3 premiere is down for October 13, 2021, and will Poison Ivy be in it?


What is the Poison Ivy tease for Batwoman Season 3?

Batwoman Season 3 Poison Ivy

The big Poison Ivy tease occurs right at the end of the Batwoman Season 2 finale ‘Power,’ as a vine belonging to Poison Ivy is let loose and quickly takes root in an area outside Gotham. In the previous episode, a brainwashed Kate Kane had raided the Batcave of numerous items belonging to Batman’s rogues’ gallery, which she initially handed over to Black Mask but were all lost in the river when Ryan Wilder intercepted her. The last shot of the episode is this vine spreading very quickly.

Unless the showrunners wasted the last seconds of Season 2 to suggest Batwoman is going to fight aggressive plant life in Season 3, it seems more likely that this is a tease for the return of Poison Ivy — who, unlike previous Batman comics villains Hush and Black Mask, already exists in this universe. Several times in the comics Ivy has been able to clone or resurrect herself entirely through her plants, most recently in 2019’s ‘Heroes In Crisis’ storyline, so this is a good way for her to be introduced into Batwoman Season 3.

Other potential story points for Season 3 include the introduction of the vigilante Spoiler, Kate Kane going off to find Bruce Wayne at last, and Ryan Wilder’s mother still being alive. As for Poison Ivy, she’ll be back in Harley Quinn Season 3, and may make appearances in both Gotham Knights and the upcoming Injustice animated movie.