Loki episode 6 spoilers tease the finale’s final battle

The fifth episode ended just as things were about to get interesting, but fans won’t have to wait long to know what’s next. Sure, waiting a week for the finale is fine, but how about some early Loki episode 6 spoilers and screenshots to tease what’s next. This is the GameRevolution Loki episode 6 spoilers round-up of what is beyond The Void, including the myserious house.

Loki episode 6 spoilers: What is beyond The Void?

Loki episode 6 spoilers

These Loki episode 6 spoilers come directly from the original trailer and the various teaser videos also posted officially by Disney and Marvel. They are basically scenes that haven’t yet been shown during the season. This means that they are very likely to appear in the Loki finale.

The house beyond The Void

Loki episode 6 spoilers

Loki can be seen walking with determination down a purple corridor. It’s physically cracking. This is thought to be the domain of Kang the Conqueror, who is almost certainly the show’s true villain.

Cracking library

Loki episode 6 spoilers

The above shot of a library has similar cracks to the image from before. It’s likely the same place: the house beyond The Void. It appears Loki and Sylvie will be navigating the house separate from one another.

It’s likely that they’ll initially be split up, before joining forces for the final encounter. That spinning kick from Sylvie looks like it will hurt whoever she is targeting!

King Loki

Loki episode 6 spoilers

This shot of “King Loki” has yet to be shown during the series. It’s interesting to think where this will play a part in the finale. Perhaps it’s an illusion used to get Loki to lower his guard in the final fight? Or maybe it’s a very happy ending for this version of Loki? Time will tell!

Episode 5 revealed how Loki can survive his death in Avengers: Infinity War. It will be easy for Marvel to implement.

The fifth episode also had some big nods to the Thanos Helicopter and Frog Thor, as well as other awesome Easter eggs.

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