Loki episode 5 Frog Thor and Thanoscopter are big nods to the comics

Loki episode 5 features both Frog Thor (Throg) and the Thanos Helicopter (Thanoscopter). While this may sound absolutely bonkers to anyone unfamiliar with the show, the various timelines allow for all sorts of wild and wacky creations, including the alligator version of Loki. Well, episode 5 of the latest MCU Disney+ show pushed the craziness even further with nods to some of the more… imaginative storylines.

Frog Thor (and Thanos’ Helicopter) appear in Loki episode 5

Loki episode 5 frog thor

While Loki and his variants explore the Void area, a number of Easter eggs are hidden across the environment. The Thanos Helicopter can be seen in a wide shot and Frog Thor is spotted in a jar buried underground.

Loki Thanos Helicopter

Eagle-eyed viewers will no doubt be searching through the episode frame-by-frame for references to comics, TV shows, and movies of the past. Thankfully, the Thanoscopter is easily spotted with its big black writing of “THANOS” on the side of the bright yellow helicopter.

During Spider Super Stories #39, Thanos makes a heist attempt of his own. He tried to teal the Cosmic Cube and escape using a bright yellow helicopter with “THANOS” written on the side. Very subtle!

Loki Frog Thor

Frog Thor is also easily spotted. He even makes grunts as he attempts to leap free from his underground prison. Nearby, there’s a version of Thor’s Hammer also buried deep beneath the surface.

The Void is a place where Loki’s are built to survive. Everything else seems to be wiped out without much of a fight. On the bright side, Frog Thor might be buried underground, but at least he’s alive!

Frog Thor made his first appearance in Thor #364. He wields Frogjolnir.

Thor becoming a frog is also mentioned in Thor: Dark World, where Loki boasts about transforming the God of Thunder into one.

Episode 5 revealed how Loki can survive his death in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s an easy retcon for Marvel to make.

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