Superman and Lois introduced a major movie villain in episode 12

There was a big Superman and Lois General Zod reveal in this week’s episode 12, ‘Through the Valley of Death,’ bringing the Man of Steel villain into the show for the first time. It was only a small Superman and Lois villain cameo, and it’s not the first Arrowverse General Zod appearance, but it could well be a tease for a proper return of Superman’s greatest Kryptonian foe. Could General Zod appear in Superman and Lois Season 2? SPOILERS FOLLOW.

Could this Superman and Lois General Zod return in Season 2?

Superman and Lois General Zod

It is entirely possible that General Zod could be a villain in Superman and Lois Season 2. Despite there being three episodes left in Season 1, it seems unlikely Zod will return in those. Tal-Rho/Morgan Edge states that Zod is gone for good, but it seems unlikely that such a major villain would be specifically namechecked if the showrunners didn’t have plans for their return — especially as this wasn’t the true Zod.

Zod’s appearance in ‘Through the Valley of Death’ is entirely down to the Eradicator device, which implants Zod’s consciousness into Superman’s. Superman fights being taken over, but temporarily succumbs and fights John Henry Irons/Steel, who eventually decides to trust Lois helps Superman to return — getting over his own prejudice of Superman after a version of Kal-El destroyed John’s own world. Zod’s consciousness is seemingly destroyed.

General Zod has never physically appeared in the Arrowverse, although Superman did hallucinate that Supergirl was Zod (played by Mark Gibbon, who coincidentally appeared in Man of Steel). In that Supergirl Season 2 episode, Zod is referred to as Superman’s greatest enemy. After that, there’s been the suggestion that Superman killed Zod like in Man of Steel. However, the Legion of Superheroes also mentions fighting Zod in the 31st Century. In Superman and Lois, it’s also possible that the black-suited Superman from Steel’s Earth is actually General Zod, if the same person took over Superman there. Fans will just have to wait and see.