Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shinies include several debuts, tickets going cheap

Pokemon Go Fest is back this summer, now with added music festival trappings. It’s taking place across July 17 and 18, with virtual tickets costing just $5 (down from $15). There are tons of in-game activities, though, perhaps most notably, all-new Shiny Pokemon will be making their debut.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shiny list

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shiny list

Here’s a list of Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shinies and when players can attempt to catch them:

  • Saturday, July 17, 2021 — 10 AM to 6 PM
    • Shiny Audino
    • Shiny Chimecho
    • Shiny Tympole
    • Shiny Whismur
    • Shiny Sawk (Ticket Holder Only)
    • Shiny Throh (Ticket Holder Only)
  • Saturday, July 17 and Sunday, July 18, 2021 — 10 AM to 6 PM
    • Shiny Unown F (Ticket Holder Only)
    • Shiny Unown G (Ticket Holder Only)

All times are local, no translations needed.

The second day of Pokemon Go Fest 2021 focuses on Raids, so doesn’t introduce any new Shinies. That said, payers that purchase a ticket can still use Incense to attract Unown F and Unown G on Sunday, July 18. Although there are no guarantees, there’s a chance that either (or both) could be Shiny.

Discovering all of the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Shinies will be easier on Saturday, July 17. Keeping that in mind, players should do the vast majority of their catching on day one. Additionally, be sure to gather lots of Incense and Pokeballs ahead of time — running out won’t do anyone any favors!

Elsewhere within the event, users can take advantage of hourly habitats, unlock avatar cosmetics, complete challenges, and much more. Players can discover more about the extensive Pokemon Go Fest 2021 event itinerary via the official announcement.

In other recent Pokemon news, release dates for Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl just dropped. With all the upcoming Pokemon Go festivities on Android and iPhone (iOS), it’s nice for Nintendo Switch fans to have something to look forward to as well.

Should the rumor prove to be accurate, a Pokemon musou game could also be set for an E3 2021 reveal.