Mods bring Silent Hill to Resident Evil Village

There were already a lot of great RE8 mods available on PC, but now finally there’s a Resident Evil Village Silent Hill crossover mod. This Resident Evil 8 Silent Hill mod adds the classic creepy nurses from Silent Hill 2 to the game in place of the shambling Moroaica zombies, which the player first encounters in the dark basement of Castle Dimitrescu. Here’s how to play this “Silent Hill x Resident Evil” crossover.

How to install the Resident Evil Village Silent Hill mod

Resident Evil Village Silent Hill

The Silent Hill nurses are now in Resident Evil Village thanks to the help of modder Wheezer123 along with the assistance of FluffyQuack’s easy-to-use mod manager, which has full support for Resident Evil 8 along with the rest of the Resident Evil games.

  1. Download the Silent Hills nurses mod.
  2. Download and install the FluffyQuack Mod Manager.
    • Extract the downloaded file and run it.
  3. Choose the option for Resident Evil Village.
  4. Drag the mod’s zipped archive over to the manager’s window.
  5. Click ‘Launch Game’ and head into an area with the Moroaica zombies, such as Castle Dimitrescu.

If the above doesn’t seem to work, try deleting part of one the mod’s file extensions, as detailed here.

There are many wonderful mods for Resident Evil Village already, including the ability to play as Lady Dimitrescu or even series protagonist Chris Redfield. Instead of the Silent Hill nurses, players have already replaced the same zombies with Barney the dinosaur clones instead, which is somehow more terrifying. Oh, and the Fly Swatter mod is being used for all sorts of predictably naughty purposes with Lady D’s daughters.

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