Huge 4chan Cyberpunk 2077 leak reveals third-person mode and funny internal ‘bug montage’

A huge Cyberpunk 2077 leak has been posted to 4chan, showing off 2013 footage of the game’s removed third-person perspective, along with an internal bug montage created by CD Projekt Red.

The leak, which was posted to 4chan before being uploaded to various video-sharing platforms, features various different versions of Cyberpunk 2077 throughout its development cycle. This includes the game’s initial third-person mode, which CD Projekt Red famously scrapped through its development in favor of its third-person mode.

What was in the 4chan Cyberpunk 2077 leak?

The early gameplay footage shows a male V wandering around their apartment, which is shown to be much larger and more interactive than the one featured in the final game. V is shown in third-person, complete with their cybernetic enhancements, while he shares his apartment with Sandra Dorsett, the character V is tasked with rescuing in the final game’s opening hours. It appears that Sandra was going to have a much larger role in this version of the game, with her only having two quests in its final build. Considering this was pre-alpha gameplay captured in 2013, many elements of it are unfinished, though it still provides an interesting look at what could have been

On the other hand, leakers also obtained an internal developer montage from CD Projekt Red that includes an exhaustive number of bugs. It also features other bizarre clips such as V riding a hot dog, a cat, and becoming embroiled in a firefight alongside giant chickens.

CD Projekt Red previously issued an apology video for Cyberpunk 2077’s controversial launch (via PlayStation LifeStyle), explaining: “Every change and update needed to be tested, and as it turned out, our testing did not show a big part of the issues.” However, while the above video is clearly intended to be a humorous look at the game throughout its development, it also shows bugs such as erratic AI and explosive vehicles that still made it in the game’s final build.

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