New Fortnite patch fixes Combat Pro layout issues

The latest Fortnite 3.21 update patch notes are here, and it’s a maintenance patch devoted to fixing issues with the game on Xbox One and with the Combat Pro control settings. The Fortnite 3.21 patch should be live now on all major systems, although Epic warns that the Nintendo Switch update may come a little later. So what can players expect with the latest Fortnite patch for today, June 22?

What’s new in the Fortnite 3.21 Update Patch Notes?

Fortnite 3.21 Update Patch Notes

The new 3.21 update for Fortnite is a relatively small maintenance patch that features the following fixes:

  • Addresses ‘stability issues’ on Xbox One, including the game crashing on startup or when loading a match.
  • Fixes issues with the Combat Pro control layout.

Other than these there are no other reported changes coming in the patch, which shows up as Fortnite update 1.000.032 on next-gen systems. Epic says that the Nintendo Switch version of this patch will be available soon, although as of the time of writing it has not yet appeared.

If there are any problems downloading these updates on Xbox Series X|S, next-gen Xbox players should check in with our guide right here for a quick and easy walkthrough. These certainly aren’t the only major issues affecting Fortnite, as while the ever-popular battle royale continues to add new features it also adds new problems too, such as the ‘failed to query for tournament rules’ error players are having with the Thanos Cup.

Fortnite is currently in the middle of its big Chapter 2 Season 7 alien invasion right now, which will eventually give players the chance to play as the ultimate alien immigrant Superman when he becomes available in a few weeks. Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez is available now, who probably hates the whole idea of alien parasites. Sadly, Pickle Rick is unfortunately not available in Fortnite.