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Fortnite Thanos Cup failed to query for Tournament Rules error fix

Players looking forward to the return of the big Fortnite Marvel event today may find themselves unable to access it because of the Thanos Cup ‘failed to query for tournament rules’ error message. Players may also see the Fortnite ‘there was a problem’ or the Thanos Cup ‘we hit a roadblock’ messages, but the result is the same — being unable to connect to the Fortnite Thanos Cup. Is there a fix for this annoying error, or is it simply a matter of patience?

Is there a fix for the Thanos Cup failed to query for tournament rules error?

Thanos Cup failed to query for tournament rules

The ‘failed to query for Tournament Rules’ error affecting players trying to access the Thanos Cup regularly crops up during Fortnite tournaments, and can be fixed by restarting the game and reconnecting to the queue after around 15 minutes.

Players should check in with Fortnite Status on Twitter to see if there are any particular problems affecting the game in their area — for example, the Oceania and Asia servers were unable to join the Thanos Cup at the start of the event, so the event was initially delayed to tomorrow until Epic managed to fix the issue.

The Thanos Cup is the big return of the iconic Marvel villain three years after he initially crashed Fortnite during the Avengers: Infinity War movie event. Alongside the return of Thanos as a wearable outfit, there is also an Infinity Gauntlet back bling and ‘Thanos Watches!’ spray coming to the game’s Item Shop on June 26. The Thanos Cup will give players a chance to earn these items for free.

Fortnite is currently in the middle of its big Chapter 2 Season 7 alien invasion right now, which will eventually give players the chance to pit Superman against Thanos when he becomes available in a few weeks. Rick and Morty’s Rick Sanchez is available now, although Pickle Rick isn’t unfortunately.