Loki episode 4 spoilers are appearing ahead of new episode

Loki episode 4 spoilers are already leaking their way onto the internet. This is largely thanks to the mid-season trailer that shows a significant portion of unseen footage. For those trying to stay entirely in the dark, the trailer should definitely be avoided, as should this article! Here’s a rundown of the Loki episode 4 and final episodes spoilers.

What are the Loki episode 4 spoilers?

Loki episode 4 spoilers

The Loki episode 4 spoilers appeared in the “Mid-Season Sneak Peek” trailer uploaded to the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel and embedded at the bottom of this article.

There are around 20 seconds of new footage seen in the 2-minute trailer. This gives away the fact that Loki and Sylvie escape Lamentis-1 before it explodes and end up in the custody of the TVA.

During the trailer, it’s shown that Loki and Sylvie manage to fight back against the TVA while Renslayer watches. It’s likely that she’s the next antagonist, with Sylvie seemingly on Loki’s side (or Loki on Sylvie’s side).

A young Sylvie can also be seen being brought into the TVA. It’s likely that whatever happened to her as a child has fueled her anger towards the TVA and her desire to destroy the Time-Keepers.

There is also a shot of Loki being worshipped in Asgard, hinting at a new Loki variant that has become king of that realm.

It’s worth noting that the spoiler-filled footage seen in this trailer could be from episodes 5 or 6, as it’s not specified.

In other Loki news, here’s the latest known information on a new Loki movie and what fans can expect from a feature-length installment to this villain’s story.

Disney allegedly tried to trademark “Loki,” a feat made difficult when you consider that he is an ancient mythological god.

Despite what some fans have been theorizing, Mephisto still isn’t in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t expect the demon villain to appear in Loki.