Sorry Loki fans, Mephisto still isn’t in the MCU

The latest Disney Plus Marvel Studios show is finally here, and fans are already wondering if there was a Loki Mephisto Easter egg in the show’s first episode. Partway through the episode, they go back in time to a 16th-century church with what appears to be a Mephisto Marvel tease in the stained-glass window. Could this be the first proper MCU Mephisto reference, or is Marvel once again making fun of fan theories?

Was that Loki Mephisto reference really an Easter egg?

Loki Mephisto

The stained glass window in the church in Loki episode 1 shows a red demon character with horns, who does look a lot like Mephisto. A young boy tells the TVA that this “devil bearing gifts” is responsible for a series of murders. Other than being red, Mephisto is essentially the Devil of the Marvel universe, so it all fits.

However, this rumor was actually shot down earlier this week, as director Kate Herron told Entertainment Tonight (via “It’s honestly just a super weird coincidence. Like, it’s genuinely a reference to Loki. The horns, he was cast out of heaven, that’s what it’s a reference to.”

The episode actually suggests that some sort of evil version of Loki committed the murders, and the curly horns look a lot like Loki’s classic helmet design.

The thing that’ll annoy fans the most is that this is coming hot off the heels of WandaVision, which seemed to be teasing Mephisto all season but nothing came of it. Still, Loki has its own villain teasing going on with actress Sophia Di Martino seemingly playing Lady Loki, perhaps the same evil Loki who’s on that stained-glass window. The show’s even going so far as to “solve” a few real-world mysteries too, such as the great unsolved American mystery that is the identity of airline hijacker D.B. Cooper.