Little Devil Inside release date could be this month, following radio silence controversy

During last year’s PS5 Showcase, Little Devil Inside made waves thanks to its charming debut trailer. The PlayStation console exclusive has gone radio silent ever since, however, much to the dismay of its original Kickstarter backers. Well, almost silent, thanks to a recent (now deleted) tweet from the official PlayStation Latin America account. If the post was accurate, Little Devil Inside could be launching later this month.

When is the Little Devil Inside release date?

Sources indicate that the Little Devil Inside release date is July 2021. Although it’s yet to receive confirmation, this is the second time that official Sony PlayStation sources have given Little Devil Inside a July 2021 launch window.

Last year, an updated version of the PS5 Showcase live stream attached the same release date to Little Devil Inside. Much like the recent PlayStation Latam tweet, however, Sony would later rescind the information. Of course, it’s possible that the Latin American social media team didn’t get the memo and this is all part of the same mixup.

That said, Reddit sleuths claim to have uncovered recent footage of developer Neostream Interactive hosting a celebration. There’s speculation that this could be due to the game wrapping initial production, or “going gold,” which would support an impending release. This isn’t concrete by any means, so take it with a pinch of salt.

True or not, the Little Devil Inside Kickstarter backers are likely happy to hear anything at this point. Backers haven’t received any development updates in over a year now, leading to the accusation of the devs being “scam artists” in the comments section.

Little Devil Inside Platforms: Is it coming to Switch, Xbox, and PC?

Little Devil Inside Nintendo Switch release date

Little Devil Inside is coming to PS5, PS4, and PC initially. According to the developer, Little Devil Inside Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One versions could launch after the game’s PlayStation console exclusivity deal expires.

Neostream Interactive states that there are “other console platforms to follow,” indicating that Little Devil Inside Xbox and Switch release dates are to come at a later date.

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