Xbox Series S xScreen funded in 20 minutes, Series X could be next

UPspec Gaming’s portable Xbox Series S screen and speaker system, the xScreen, met its Kickstarter goal in just 20 minutes. Seeking $13,000 Australian Dollars, which is around $10,000 USD, the project has already flown past its funding target with 29 days left of the campaign. Although there are no official stretch goals at this time, an Xbox Series X xScreen could be on the agenda.

Is there an Xbox Series X xScreen?

Xbox Series X xScreen

An Xbox Series X xScreen accessory could launch after the Series S model. In response to a comment on YouTube, xScreen creator UPspec Gaming said that an Xbox Series X version is “possibly” coming in the future.

For now, UPspec Gaming is placing its focus on delivering the Xbox Series S xScreen peripheral. After exceeding its funding goal in mere minutes, the portable Xbox device should enter the tooling and beta testing phase next month. That’ll take until December, at which point xScreens will enter production and start shipping out to backers.

The Xbox Series S xScreen release date is January 2022, when backers will start taking delivery of their new hardware. UPspec Gaming is aiming to fulfill orders by the end of February, though, with demand being high, the process could be subject to delays.

Following the speedy funding process, the manufacturer took to Twitter in order to thank its early supporters. Not long after, those same backers would receive an email from a stunned UPspec Gaming via Kickstarter: “Wow just wow… Totally amazing. Bit lost for words!”

Anyone looking to support the project still has plenty of time to do so. The Kickstarter offers early backers various discounts, which makes getting in on the ground floor preferable to waiting on the final retail release. xScreen backers can get 24%, 20%, and 12% discounts against the $249 USD RRP.

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