Divinity: Original Sin Gets Free Content Today

Breaking the benchmark of over 500,000 copies sold, Divinity: Original Sin is rewarding its fans with a free content patch (update #64, in fact) named The Bear and the Burglar available on Steam and GOG.com… today!

The core of the improvements has been given to co-op dialogue with lengthy discussions being more streamlined, as well as two new companions who can join your ragtag group: Bairdotr, an archer female who is on a mission to save Homeforest and recover the kidnapped druid of the forest; and Wolgraff, a rogue who lost his voice as a child and now steals from the rich for his own gain.

Both companions can be found in Cyseal once you start a new game with the DLC content patched in. Bairdotr will be at the Legion barracks and Wolgraff is stealing coins from the wishing well in the hinterlands (access this by way of the tunnel in the graveyard).

Larian Studios promises even more content after this free content patch, including new skills and an even higher difficulty mode (as if it needs to be harder). Divinity: Original Sin received 4.5 stars from Anthony LaBella in his review, earning it a place in our Editor's Choice.