Limited Edition PS4s Hit eBay, Scores Over $20K

The 20th Anniversary Edition of the PlayStation 4 sold out almost instantly at this weekend's PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas. Some buyers shelled out the money to honor their favorite console, while some wanted to commemorate a fantastic gamer's experience in Sin City. And some grabbed it in order to make a crap-ton of cash.

Sony's limited edition PS4, designed after the original PlayStation in 1994, has popped up on auctioning sites, and since Sony only crafted 12,300 of them, all individually numbered, the consoles are selling far higher than their actual price point. Sales on eBay have included one auction ending at $15,100, and another at $20,100. Considering the average price of a functional PlayStation on eBay stands at about $40, that's roughly the cost of slightly over five hundred of the original units the exclusive PS4 is modeled after.

Darn… I was sure my bid of $30 and a taco would win the bidding.