Alien: Isolation Gets Two New Difficulty Modes

Now here's an update that both scaredy-cats and badasses can get behind. Sega has added two new difficulty modes for Alien: Isolation in a free patch, a Novice mode for noobs who scream at moving shadows and a Nightmare difficulty for those who have every map memorized.

As indicated by the neat poster Creative Assembly has, err, assembled, Nightmare mod will have an unreliable broken motion tracker with a distorted signal, fuel burns faster and is rarer to find, and there are fewer items to scavenge. On top of that, there will be fewer HUD elements (no health bar, no ammo counter, and no flashlight indicator), the alien adapts faster and is more aggressive, and everything hits harder.

Sounds like the perfect suggestion for Challenge Accepted. But I'll let you guys suggest that to him *evil smirk*.

On the flipside, the breezy Novice mode will have a slower, more easily distracted Alien, enemies that are weaker, and resources peppered about the Sevastopol like candy. Speedrunners, go!