Lindsay Lohan Has a Video Game

Happy Monday, everybody! Here's some news to start off your week: Lindsay Lohan has her very own video game!

Lohan's video game, entitled The Price of Fame, is a freemium game available now on iOS and Android devices that, according to Lohan on her website, lets players become famous celebrities “just like me.” Players can amass fans based on their public actions and their fashion style, which being a freemium game can be enhanced via in-game items costing real-world money.

An exciting world awaits players, who, as Hollywood's newest hot celeb, have a veritable plethora of wacky adventures headed their way, including (direct from the promotional material) “fight in an elevator,” “start a phony rap beef,” “give your baby Botox,” or “punch a paparazzi” (but don't worry, you have a “hot shot team of lawyers to get you out of trouble.”), amongst others. “YOU ARE THE CELEBRITY, YOU DECIDE HOW CRAZY THINGS WILL GET,” asserted the press release so forcefully they felt all caps were needed. But be careful, because, as Lohan warns, “there is a lot of DRAMA along the way!”

Joking aside, an interesting fact about this game-esque thing: Andy Ross, beter known as the guitarist in the band OKGo, programmed parts of it via his own small studio, Space Inch.

The Price of Fame is free – to download that is – at iTunes or Google Play. ProTip for those who play: avoid drugs, TMZ, and signing the contract for I Know Who Killed Me.