Minecraft Creator Buys $70 Million Mega-Mansion in Beverly Hills

It's a news story so crazy, I feel like Robin Leach should be narrating it: the Swedish creator of the virtual building game Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson, just bought a Beverly Hills mansion at a record-setting price tag of $70 million. The grounds are luxurious, to be sure, but the amenities inside turn an opulent mansion into the fantasy of any kid who dreamed of being filthy rich.

Outbidding the King and Queen of America, Jay-Z and Beyonce, the deal closed in just six short days. In addition to the eight bedrooms and fifteen bathrooms (each equipped with luxury toilets ringing in at about $5,000 a piece), Persson is the proud new owner of:


  • An 18-foot onyx dining room table, equipped with place settings retailing at $3,700 each.

  • A 54-foot curved glass door opening out onto the pool.

  • A car showroom featuring a replica of James Dean's motorcycle.

  • Closets the size of a small apartment.

  • A fully-stocked bar just for vodka, and another especially for tequila.

  • A movie theatre.

  • A candy room, complete with fully-stocked towers of M&Ms.

  • And three 90-inch high-def television screens specifically built in to bring the panoramic view of the LA skyline from the roof to the downstairs lounge.


Story still not lavish enough for you? Here's one more fact: the reason for the quick six-day turnaround lies in the fact that “Notch” paid for the $70 million megamansion in cold, hard cash.

I may have to start asking for a raise around here.