Overwatch Contenders Season Two Dates, Maps, and More

The trials for Overwatch Contenders Season Two is underway. Some of the best teams from the Open Division are currently duking it out against relegated competitors from Season One to try and win their regional spot in Season Two. We also have dates for then Contenders officially begins, as well as the map pools for each mode and a new escort map, Rialto.

Overwatch Contenders Season Two is going to be starting on a few different dates for each region. China will begin on July 1, Australia and Europe on July 2, North America on July 3, Korea on July 4, South America on July 5, and the Pacific on July 6. The season will be played on Patch 1.24, the current patch on the live servers and the precursor to the upcoming Patch 1.25, which is currently live on the PTR and features new social tools as well as some big changes to the way heroes are categorised in game lobbies.

We’ve also been told what maps will be in rotation for the different game modes in a post on the Overwatch League blog. Control will feature Lijiang Tower, Oasis, and Ilios as a tiebreaker. Hybrid will feature Eichenwalde and King’s Row, while Assault will feature Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries. Finally, Escort will feature Route 66, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and the eSports debut of the new escort map, Rialto, which came to the live game at the beginning of last month.

If you’re excited for Overwatch Contenders Season Two then there’s plenty to check out in the month leading up to the official games, all of which you can keep updated on by following the Overwatch Path to Pro Twitter account. Overwatch League also reached out to some of their regional broadcasting talents to recount their favourite moments from Season One, which you can take a look at on the official announcement post for the info.