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Fortnite Shopping Carts Removed: Where Have Shopping Carts Gone?

Epic Games has pulled some drastic measures, putting players in a Fortnite shopping carts removed situation. That's right, the recently added Fortnite vehicles have been disabled and will no longer be seen in-game. This is due to an "issue" that likely concerns the shopping carts' crazy physics properties, which often send them soaring off into the clouds, or performing other bizarre actions. Here's everything we know about the Fortnite shopping carts removed situation.

Fortnite Shopping Carts Removed: Where Have Shopping Carts Gone?

Despite being crazy and absolutely broken at times, the Fortnite shopping carts have provided many players with enjoyment, sending them skyrocketing into the air. Combined with a big ramp, the shopping carts can become unpredictable. While this unpredictable nature can be funny, it can also be frustrating. (It's kind of like riding bikes in PUBG, where a slight bump in the road can cause the vehicle to flip and instantly kill your character."

The Fortnite shopping carts have now been removed, meaning they can no longer be found in the game. Unfortunately, they haven't been swapped out for another vehicle, as is regularly the case for the game's roster of weapons. They have just been removed with no replacement at the ready.

Fortnite Shopping Carts Removed: Why Were They Disabled?

Fortnite Shopping Carts Removed

Epic Games hasn't made it clear as to why the Fortnite shopping carts have been disabled. As mentioned above, I'm assuming it's to do with the unpredictable flips and broken actions. The developer is now investigating the carts, and so will hopefully come up with a fix soon. Players can then expect the Fortnite shopping carts to return to the game. We'll provide updates on this as they are announced.