The People Speak: ‘Ugandan Knuckles’ Divides the Internet, Standing Up for Star Citizen, and More

Happy Friday, GameRevolution readers!

This was a big week for the GR Staff, as we launched a brand new series, ‘The Perfect Level.’ We also continued our other kinda new series, ‘Remember,’ so fans of retro gaming certainly had plenty to read on GR over the past five days.

In the most talked-about article of the week (yep, it surprised us too), VRChat’s ‘Ugandan Knuckles‘ had readers discussing whether or not it’s racist. Spoiler alert: yes, it quite obviously is a bit racist, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking over the internet anyway. Memes will be memes, I guess.

The surprise Nintendo Direct Mini brought with it the information that Dark Souls Remastered will be making its way to the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, while Super Mario Odyssey will also be receiving some free DLC.

Speaking of Nintendo, the Japanese company stated that they still aren’t interested in investing in VR or 4K, while GR’s Cody Perez looked at why they should probably lay the 3DS to rest.

But that’s enough about what we’ve been talking about — here are our favorite comments from GR’s readers this week:



Article: The Perfect Level: How Super Mario Bros and ‘World 1-1’ Changed Everything

Comment: “I am so excited for this feature. Great article. I never really thought about the fact that you basically encounter every core element of the game in the first screen.”

It’s always lovely to read positive comments from GameRevolution’s readers, and we’re just as excited as sliverstorm here to kick off our brand new series. Tune in next Wednesday for the next installment! 



Article: Pornhub Promises Nintendo Switch Support If a Browser is Released

Comment: “People frequently get arrested for watching porn in public on their cars’ dvd players. For much the same reason, this strikes me as a very bad idea.”



Article: Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

Comment: “I got into the game for free (AMD pack) and play it every major update, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and am always a bit tickled by the furious posts of people hating on the game. Shit’s fun, and I don’t really care if it comes out or doesn’t, I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth.”

There was a LOT of discussion around our lead editor Jason Faulkner’s Star Citizen article this week, both positive and negative. We particularly liked this chilled-out comment from, er, ‘Jason,’ which Mr. Faulkner has assured us isn’t his alt account.



Article: Tell GR: What is the Best Video Game Level Ever?

Comment: “I was really taken by surprise by the abandoned theme park in Nier: Automata. The music, the buildings, the fireworks, the inhabitants. Goosebumps!”

One of our best games of 2017, NieR: Automata certainly had some memorable level design. 



Article: PSVR Can Be a Success in 2018, But it Needs These Upgrades

Comment: “agreed. I pulled the trigger on the new model with HDR passthrough for christmas. The girlfriend and I have had a great time with Job Simulator and Ocean exploration etc. Farpoint was a total disappoint imo, even for the $70 sale price. It sits and collects dust in between occasional party uses when people come over.”

It seems we aren’t the only ones who desperately want Sony to make a few changes to the PSVR, and with its software lineup increasing in 2018, we hope to see a few improvements to the hardware this year.


Marco Caballero

Article: Why Does Square Enix Squander So Many Great Franchises?

Comment: “Thanks for the punch in the gut that is the reminder that three of my favourite all-time games (Chrono Trigger, Parasite Eve and Xenogears) will never see the light of day again :'(”

A lot of Square Enix fans were reminiscing about their favorite games from the publisher thanks to Jason’s article… but then remembering that sequels to these games will probably never happen.



Article: Remember RuneScape? My Introduction to MMOs and Pay-to-Win

Comment: “It’s funny how runescape had spanned generations. When you said you figured out how to skip your schools security, it clued me off that you probably played after I did. I played pre-wilderness pre-subscription. Neat article.”

This week’s ‘Remember’ got our Editor Cody Perez thinking about his first foray into an MMO with Runescape, and then drathbone’s comment made us all remember how we’re getting older and slowly edging towards the grave. Thanks, drathbone.



Article: Creator of VRChat’s ‘Ugandan Knuckles’ Meme Regrets His Decision


Comment: “Just because something is offensive doesn’t mean you can’t find it funny. But on the same token, just because it’s a joke doesn’t mean it’s no longer offensive. I’m not saying “Don’t laugh at this joke because it’s racist!” All I’m saying is laugh at the joke all you want, but don’t deny that it’s a bit racist. Own up to it, use it as a learning experience, and then go spit on false queens all you want.”

Of course the article about a Knuckles meme would generate the most discussion this week. Of course it would.