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Upcoming Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.2.5 and 1.3 Patch Notes Detailed

Following the confusion caused by the numbers given to Kingdom Come Deliverance launch day patches, combined with PC players receiving updates earlier than console users, developer Warhorse Games has taken to the game’s subreddit to offer some clarification.

In addition to clearing up which patches have been released, and why the numbers differ so much, the developer also detailed what’s to come in the Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.2.5 and 1.3 patches.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.2.5 Patch Notes

“We already fixed some of the worst bugs and want to give these fixes to the community as fast as possible. Therefore we will push this to certification on Monday 2/19

  • Fix for R2 button being non-responsive in combat
  • Fix for issues in quests with Hans Capon
  • Fix for quest Ginger in a Pickle”

kingdom come deliverance 1.2.5 patch notes

Kingdom Come Deliverance 1.3 Patch Notes (Subject to Change)

  • Save and Exit functionality
  • Lockpicking minigame controls improvement on controllers
  • Pickpocket minigame improvement
  • Alchemy recipe for respec potion
  • Many quest related bug fixes”

We’re seeing more and more developers choosing to be more transparent with their game’s community, and I think it’s paying off. Despite a fairly rocky launch, with bugs plaguing the game and some negative criticism, Kingdom Come Deliverance has already attracted a passionate following, who will appreciate this patch notes preview.