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Fortnite Teams of 20: What Is the Next Fortnite Special Event?

The next Fortnite special event will be the Fortnite Teams of 20 Limited Time Mode, according to the latest in-game notification. As is always the case, Epic Games has teased the next LTM shortly before it’s set to go live. Load up Fortnite right now, and you’ll see that Fortnite Teams of 20 is “coming soon.”

Though pretty self-explanatory, the new Fortnite Teams of 20 mode may cause confusion to newcomers. Here’s what you need to know about the next Fortnite special event.

Fortnite Teams of 20: What Is Fortnite Teams of 20?

The Fortnite Teams of 20 mode will split players into five groups of 20. That means you’ll have 19 friendly players, all going up against 80 enemies… Oh, and those 80 enemies will also be fighting amongst themselves. Pretty chaotic!

The Fortnite Teams of 20 Limited Time Mode will likely play similarly to the 50v50 mode, which we saw a few rotations back.

Fortnite Teams of 20

As with any round of Fortnite Battle Royale, you’ll want to keep your eyes open, watch for people flanking both around and above you, and only revive friendly players when it’s safe to do so!

Fortnite Teams of 20: When Will It Begin and End?

Epic Games hasn’t yet confirmed when Fortnite Teams of 20 will begin. For now, it’s officially listed as “coming soon.” However, based on previous Limited Time Modes, we’d expect it to arrive next week, and last until the following week.