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Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Stats: New Shotgun Stats and Rarities

Following the recent 3.3.1 update, fear has consumed many Fortnite players, with vocal members of the community demanding to know the new Fortnite heavy shotgun stats. While it does seem a little crazy for Epic Games to have added another shotgun to the game, I’m sure there’s some smart thinking behind it… At least, that’s what I’m hoping!

It hasn’t taken long for the new Fortnite shotgun stats to hit the internet, with the DPS, damage, fire rate, reload time, and magazine size all having been revealed.

Read on for the full breakdown of the Fortnite heavy shotgun.

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Stats: What Is the New Fortnite Shotgun?

The new Fortnite shotgun looks to fill a gap in that class of weapons. Shotguns aren’t great at range, as is traditionally the case in video games. The Fortnite heavy shotgun gives players a better option at medium ranges, while being less dependable in close-quarters engagements.

fortnite heavy shotgun stats

Expect to hear a lot of whining when getting kills with the Fortnite heavy shotgun. Players won’t be expecting to die so quickly to a shotgun at medium range, and it’s no doubt going to cause a lot of frustration.

It’s a brave move by Epic Games, but I’ve got to wonder how long it will last before being rotated out.

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Stats: How Powerful Is the New Fortnite Shotgun?

Take a look at the Fortnite heavy shotgun stats below, and see just how powerful the new Fortnite shotgun is.

  • DPS – 77
  • Damage – 77
  • Fire Rate – 1
  • Reload Time – 5.62
  • Magazine Size – 7

While it does boast the highest damage out of all Battle Royale shotguns, the heavy shotgun has a less impressive DPS than the tactical variant. When using this new weapon, remember to take advantage of its medium-range prowess, and perhaps switch to something different for the close-range encounters.

Source: FortniteINTEL