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Fortnite Gas Stations: Here Are the Gas Station Locations

Fortnite gas stations are a new target for the Fortnite Week 5 challenges, tasking players with visiting three different gas station locations in a single match. Though it may not seem like it at first, this is a pretty difficult objective. Players need to actually know where the gas stations are located, and there’s likely to be an awful lot of enemies also trying to complete the challenge.

Allow us to provide a helping hand on where the Fortnite gas stations are located, as well as some tips on how to survive.

Fortnite Gas Stations: These Are the Fortnite Gas Station Locations

There are only eight different Fortnite gas stations on the island. This makes visiting three of them a little tricky, due to where the circle potentially appears.

LootLakeBR has shared a fantastic image of the Fortnite gas station locations on Twitter. As you can see from the picture, the west side of the island has a nice cluster of gas stations that are probably the easiest to aim for.

fortnite gas stations

Fortnite Gas Stations: Tips on How to Complete the Gas Station Challenge

The Fortnite Gas Stations challenge can be pretty tough to complete. There’s the circle possibly working against you, as well as the high likelihood of running into other players.

If you’re having trouble completing the Fortnite Gas Station challenge, I’d recommend leaving it for a few days, to let the more hardcore members of the community visit the gas stations and complete their objective. As the week goes on, fewer and fewer people will be heading towards the gas stations.

Also, I’d avoid the Blitz mode. As fun as it is when you’re not going for challenges, you want as much time as possible to successfully make it to three different gas stations. Play on the normal mode, complete the challenge, and then head back to Blitz. Easy!