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How to Get Bait in Far Cry 5: The Best Spots for Hunting Bait

Half the fun in Far Cry 5 comes with what you can do with animals. No, not that kind of fun (even if you do get to see a few amorous bulls do their thang) but the general killing and mischief you can get up to. For that to work well, you’re going to need bait – and it’s not always easy to come by. Here’s how to get bait in Far Cry 5, including details on the best spots to get bait.

How to Get Bait in Far Cry 5: Which Animals Drop Bait

Not all animals drop bait in the game. How to get bait in Far Cry 5 can often come down to luck more than anything else. There are, however, some specific animals which drop more bait than others.

Animals such as snakes, birds and rats will *not* drop bait. Instead, you should focus on the small-to-medium mammals prowling the Montana landscape for your bait needs. That includes, chickens, cougars and deer. It’s not an exact science, but those tend to drop bait more often than not.

How to Get Bait in Far Cry 5: Best Locations for Bait

Surprisingly, Dylan’s Master Bait shop in the Whitetail Mountains is not the best place to get bait in Far Cry 5 (for side-mission related reasons that will become abundantly clear should you meet Dylan). Instead, you’re going to want to check our location guides. Where to find elk and where to find pronghorn are good starting points.

Other places where animals tend to congregate are also mighty fine bait spots. Think Davenport or Sunrise Farm, or outposts that contain caged animals.

How to Get Bait in Far Cry 5: Get More Powerful Bait

If you want to super-boost your bait, you’re going to want to complete the story quest Clinical Study located in the Henbane River region (Faith Seed’s backyard) of Montana. Upon completing the quest, you’ll be given bait that not only attracts predators, but also the Bliss-riddled Angels that you will have already encountered on your journey through Hope County.