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Fortnite Poster Locations: Where to Find Carbide and Omega Posters

The key to completing the Fortnite poster locations challenge is to already know where the Carbide and Omega posters are, making quick work of one of the tougher Week 6 challenges. Despite not being one of the “Hard” challenges, tracking down the Carbide and Omega Fortnite posters is a difficult objective, requiring a large time investment from players. To help speed things up and get you right to the reward, here’s a guide on where to find the Carbide and Omega posters.

Fortnite Poster Locations: Where Are the Carbide and Omega Posters?

The Fortnite Spray Over Different Carbide or Omega Posters challenge tasks players with finding and interacting with seven different posters. These posters are hidden across the island and can be pretty tricky to spot. There are actually more posters than required, and we’ve listed ten confirmed locations on the map below. (If you find others, do let us know!)

Head to the locations shown on the map here, find which wall the poster is stuck to, and then interact with it. You’ll then spray it and have contributed to the overall “Mission Complete.”

Carbide and Omega Posters

Fortnite Posters: What’s the Reward for Finding Them?

Despite how long this objective takes to complete, with the Fortnite posters challenge requiring a lot of searching across multiple rounds, it still only grants 5 Battle Stars. (Those who have reached Tier 100 will receive 500 XP.)

It’s not exactly a fantastic reward for an especially time-consuming challenge, but it’s not unexpected. Epic Games continues to label the more complex challenges as being “normal,” while the simpler challenges get listed as “Hard.”

Do note that the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass is required to be able to interact with the posters. If you haven’t invested in the Battle Pass, you won’t be able to complete this challenge (or any of the other Week 6 challenges).