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Fortnite Friday Week 7: Who Won the June 22 Tournament Bracket?

If you’re a Fortnite fanatic, you’ve probably already got each Friday marked down as a special day of the week. KEEMSTAR’s Fortnite Friday tournaments have lit up the eSports scene with its big prize pool and instantly recognizable YouTube and Twitch personalities. So, who won this week, June 22, and had a big slice of the $30,000 prize pool? Read on to find out!

Fortnite Friday Week 7: The Competitors

As ever, 32 teams of two took to the Fortnite map to try and win up to $20,000 laid on by KEEMSTAR and UMG. FaZe Tfue and Cloak were aiming to win their third Fortnite Friday tournament but, breathing down their necks included the likes of Ninja, DrDisrespect, and Myth.

Fortnite Friday Week 7: The Results

The full list of results can be found on the UMG site here, but the headline news was that, yes, FaZe Tfue and Cloak took home first place after defeating Avxry and HighDistortion in a clean sweep in the finals. That makes it three from seven, which is an utterly incredible feat. With every competitor still sticking around as part of the final set of matches, the FaZe team took home the gold  (and a lot of cash) with a 20-19 win in their final matches, ending up unbeaten throughout the entire tournament.

Fortnite Friday Week 7: Who Won Cash Prizes?

FaZe Tfue and Cloak may have taken home $20,000, but the runners-up and third place teams also got a small taste of the money on offer. Avxry and HighDistortion were given $7,000 for their fine efforts, and the duo of TSM Myth and TSM Hamlinz took home $3,000. For the remaining 29 teams, they had to settle for nothing but exposure and the pride of being invited to the event. Which is scant consolation for some of the bigger names on show. Ah well, there’s always next week.