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H1Z1 Outbreak Map: Everything You Need to Know About The New Map Update

Daybreak Games has finally made good on their promise to bring the H1Z1 Outbreak map to the game. With it comes a whole host of new updates, an Apocalypse Crate, and even some goodies and rewards for H1Z1 loyalists. It’s all in the patch notes down below, as well as a look at the remastered Z1 map.

H1Z1 Outbreak Map: What’s Being Added?

As well as the new 8x8km map, there is a new Apocalypse Crate that comes with a Rainbow Unicorn skin and the game’s first ever legendary weapon skin. Additionally, there are a few gameplay tweaks to ensure the update will run smoothly as fans return to the game in their droves after the much-anticipated remastered Z1 map.

H1Z1 Outbreak Map: Remastered Z1

The H1Z1 Outbreak map, otherwise referred to as the remastered Z1 map, is a redux of the game’s classic map, with an added facelift and a few shakeups throughout. The map will be available on PC immediately after the update goes live for all regular modes and will be familiar to longtime fans. Speaking of which…

H1Z1 Outbreak Map: Sever Downtime

The update will go live after the server downtime, which is scheduled to last from 8am-12pm PST/11am-3pm EST/4pm-8pm BST on Wednesday, June 27.

H1Z1 Outbreak Map: Full Patch Notes

Courtesy of the H1Z1 official site, here are the full patch notes:


  • Spawn selection has been disabled in all Outbreak game modes.
  • The AR-15 and AK-47 have been adjusted to allow two to three (depending on how fast you’re firing) extra shots put on target before recoil growth kicks in. This does not affect tapping shot behavior.
  • The AR-15 and AK-47 are now 60% more accurate when hip-firing.
  • Crouch fatigue has been removed, so players are no longer restricted with the crouch action regardless of how often it is used.
  • Jump animations have been shortened to provide a more responsive jump action, allowing players to jump more frequently without having to wait for animations to complete. Additionally, player momentum and velocity persist in the direction of the jump, allowing you to freely aim and look around without prematurely shortening your leap.
  • Running and sprinting animations have been restored to Preseason 3 versions, with the Rifle class of weapons having a prominent forward-facing position.
  • Much-beloved bullet impact sounds have returned. Helmet break, headshot, and laminated/makeshift armor break sounds are all back from Preseason 3.

To get in the Outbreak spirit, we’ve got two brand new rewards we’re giving away this week only – the Homecoming Scrubs Set and the Z1 Zombie Mask! You can pick up the Homecoming Scrubs Set by playing 1 match of Solos, Duos, or Fives between 12:01AM PT on Wednesday, June 27 and 11:59PM PT on Wednesday, July 4.

The Z1 Zombie Mask is our way of saying “welcome back!” – if you have an H1Z1 account that was created prior to September 20, 2016 and play 1 match of Solos, Duos, or Fives between 12:01AM PT on Wednesday, June 27 and 11:59PM PT on Wednesday, July 4, this haunting helmet is yours to keep in addition to the Homecoming Scrubs Set.


Both of these rewards will be granted directly to participating players towards the end of next week, after the eligibility window closes.

Fight like it’s your last day on earth with the items from the NEW Apocalypse Crate, available now from the in-game Marketplace! Get magical with the new Rainbow Unicorn set, stay cool with the Sun’s Out items, or grab the first ever Legendary gun skin – the Apocalypse AK-47 – featuring a unique new model!