Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Romance: Can You Date Merula Snyde and Other Students?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is all about unleashing your inner wizard but, if you’ve read up to and beyond Order of the Phoenix, you’ll know Harry, Ron, Hermione and some of the supporting cast all get tangled up in a few love triangles and relationships. It’s been a feature that fans have requested come to the mobile version of Hogwarts, too. But is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery romance just a old wives’ tale or is it something actually coming to the game?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Romance: Can You Date Merula Snyde and Other Students?

As of right now, you cannot date or be involved in a relationship with any of the game’s major or minor characters, including Slytherin rival Merula Snyde.

That doesn’t mean it’s not happening, however. During an interview with Newsweek, developers Jam City were very open and forthcoming about the fact that dating and romance options will be available at some point in the near future. Their hints at both pets and multiplayer functions have all come to pass recently, so we can expect a dating option sooner rather than later.

We’ve only just been playing through Year Three at it stands and, as there’s a whole ‘nother four years of Hogwarts life to go through, you can definitely expect romance to play a key role as the students get older.

It is not known whether same-sex/LGBTQ+ relationships will be available in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Watch this space!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Romance: Can You Date Other Players In-Game?

Eww. No. This isn’t a dating app.

Jam City has had this to say about the evolving relationships with the in-game, fictional avatars: “Friends may become enemies, and enemies may become friends. Either could potentially become a romantic interest. As time passes and the students get older, the world of the game will get much larger, and so will each character’s interests and ambitions.”

But, no, despite the recent addition of the multiplayer Duelling Club, there’s no way to properly contact any other fledgling wizard or witch.