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Fortnite Founders Skins: How to Unlock Warpaint and Rose Team Leader Skins

Epic Games has announced the Fortnite Founders skins, which are additional cosmetic unlocks for those players who own a Fortnite Founders Pack. The Fortnite Founders skins include the Warpaint skin and Fortnite Rose Team Leader skinFortnite Founders will receive the new skins once Update 5.10 is released.

Fortnite Founders Skins: What Does the Fortnite Founders Pack Unlock?

The Fortnite Founders skins are the latest goodies made available for Fortnite Founders Pack owners. There are three packs in total, each with a different price tag. The more expensive Founders Packs grant more items, including XP boosts, additional loot drops, and more.

The Fortnite Founders Packs mostly benefit Save the World players, with Battle Royale content being limited. However, now that Epic Games is giving away Fortnite Founders skins to be used in Battle Royale, more players may be tempted to make the purchase. In addition to unlocking extra cosmetics and buffs, the Founders Packs also grant access to the paid-for PvE component.

Fortnite Founders Skins: How to Unlock Warpaint and Rose Team Leader Skins

Fortnite Founders Skins

Announced by Epic Games via TwitterFortnite Founders skins will be given out to Founders Pack owners when Update 5.10 is released. Upon downloading and installing that update, eligible players will be able to go into their inventory and equip the new Warpaint and Rose Team Leader skins.

If you were hoping to unlock the Warpaint and Rose Team Leader skins by other means, I’m afraid that they will be exclusive to Founders Pack owners, at least for the time being. (Do note that Fortnite gifting is planned, with players able to trade skins with one another. It’s possible that both the Warpaint and Rose Team Leader skins will be unlockable this way.)

In addition to the Fortnite Founders skins, the new compact SMG is also expected to be included in the new 5.10 update.