Madden 19 1.05 Update Patch Notes: Is the Colin Kaepernick Song Back?

The Madden 19 1.05 update is live and ready to be downloaded, both for those who are looking to play Madden 19 early as well as those waiting until the official launch day on August 10. There are a whole bunch of Day One changes to talk about, as well as new players faces and, most controversial of all, the return of the Colin Kaepernick song verse which was mysteriously scratched from the game in confusing circumstances.

Madden 19 1.05 Update Patch Notes: Main Day One Changes

The near-400 MB download doesn’t change a great deal but does come with some interesting tweaks to tighten things up ready for launch on August 10.

With running being patched with major improvements this year, it’s good to see EA making further changes in the 1.05 update by allowing players to reach top speed that little bit quicker than before.

There are also ten new player faces, all of which are detailed below. Plus injuries have been scaled back, as have the superpowered draft classes that tend to linger.

Madden 19 1.05 Update Patch Notes: Is the Colin Kaepernick Song Back?

Yes! While the patch notes make no reference to the song, I can confirm that YG’s song Big Bank now includes the lyric referring to Colin Kaepernick. EA has repeatedly apologized on social media for the snafu which saw the developer mistakenly remove the lyric from the game due to confusion over whether the game could mention a player no longer (currently) active in the NFL.

Madden 19 1.05 Update Patch Notes: New Player Faces

  • Jimmy Garoppolo (QB, 49ers)
  • Josh Allen (QB, Bills)
  • Josh Rosen (QB, Cardinals)
  • Lamar Jackson (QB, Ravens)
  • Sam Darnold (QB, Jets)
  • Saquon Barkley (RB, Giants)
  • Tyreek Hill (WR, Chiefs)
  • Jake Elliott (K, Eagles)
  • Alex Anzalone (Linebacker, Saints)
  • Hayden Hurst (TE, Ravens)

Madden 19 1.05 Update Patch Notes: Full Patch Notes

You can check the full patch notes on the EA site. However, below is a list of all the main gameplay updates and further changes you can expect when you boot up Madden 19 for the first time.

Franchise Updates:

  • Tuned generated rookies to now have traits that are similar to base rosters
  • Tuned the frequency of high OVR rookies generated in the draft
  • Increased regression for some positions to maintain a more realistic league turnover rate
  • Increased XP cost of skill points for younger players, and reduced XP cost for higher OVR players
  • Tuned XP earned from training, awards, and goals to increase XP gain for rising stars
  • Reduced frequency of injuries
  • Reduced simulated game score results during the preseason for better realism
  • Tuned post-game Snapshot logic to reduce shots of idle players and empty space

Visual Updates:

  • Resolved a bug where the camera POV would exit the stadium
  • Updated various stadium exteriors, player likenesses/bodies, rosters and coaches