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FIFA 19 Can’t Log Into Web App: Where is My Verification Code?

There’s a good-to-great chance you can’t log into the FIFA 19 Web App right now. Players are experiencing issues with verification codes not sending, “Access Denied” codes, and being told to log into consoles (an impossibility on PS4), among other things. Below, we’ve got a few ways in which you can work towards a web app fix.

FIFA 19 Web App Can’t Log In: Where is My VerIfcation Code?

This one, personally speaking, appears to be a server-side issue. One thing you absolutely must not do, is click the send verification code button more than once. You’ll then be sent your first verification code (eventually, mine took about 10 minutes) which will have been rendered void by repeated presses of the button. Your best bet, unfortunately, is to wait.

That’s because even getting the code doesn’t seem to work. Something must have seriously gone wrong down the line, because several users are reporting issues with verification codes not working. You may, however, be able to log into the Xbox One or PC versions of Ultimate Team (if you have early access, of course) and, once you’ve done that, you won’t need to verify anything on the Web App.

FIFA 19 Web App: Access Denied

Screw-ups happen sometimes on launch day, particularly when it comes to everything FIFA. You may currently be staring blankly at a HTML-laden screen with snazzy code that looks a little something like this:

<Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>5437E6DFC7533E92</RequestId> <HostId> 9pBtirYbrIQLbauXW3BQD77FTGbsVFPQ5tVwiheCvuB/V6o+JfR7CCFCIuDYycZ1LMoL9ASTt9k= </HostId> </Error>

This isn’t your fault, don’t worry. Right now, as happens year-upon-year, EA is struggling with the sheer amount of traffic trying to get onto the Web App at once. Expect a hotfix imminently

FIFA 19 Web App: Why Can’t I Use the Web App?

There is one other key reason why you might not be able to log in, and that’s if you didn’t play FIFA 18. Users who didn’t create a FUT club last year, as well as those who didn’t log in once prior to August 1 will not be able to access the transfer market before release on the Web App.