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Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues Complete Basic Training – How to Fix Back to Basic Bug

One of the newest Bethesda bugs on the block, the Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues complete basic training bug, is stopping many a player roaming the Appalachian wastes in their tracks. Being unable to complete the “Back to Basic” quest step can cause a game-breaking bug where can’t join the Brotherhood of Steel down the line, nor can you complete Recruitment Blues. Here’s how to fix the basic training bug in Fallout 76… kinda.

Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues Complete Basic Training Bug – What is It?

This all stems from the game seemingly getting confused by what you have and haven’t done. The Recruitment Blues quest tasks you with completing basic training, However, many users have probably already stumbled upon the Back to Basic mission, which offers up basic training, earlier in the game and finished it.

So, making your way over to Master Sergeant Gutsy and reporting to him to complete the objective would, ordinarily, grant you access to your military ID so you can continue on with Recruitment Blues. However, even if you’ve already done so, you’ll be asked to do it again. And again. And again. Because the game isn’t registering the Back to Basic quest as being complete.

Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues – How to Fix Back to Basic Bug

Now, how do you go about fixing it? One potential workaround, if you have the opportunity available to you, is to be forewarned and simply not complete Back to Basic until the opportunity presents itself in the Fallout 76 Recruitment Blues questline. That, for many, though, is an impossibility.

But there could be another way. The soldier’s certificate you (should) have already gained from Master Sergeant Gutsy may not be registering with the game if you don’t have it on your person. Go back to your camp and transfer it from your stash to your inventory and then return to Fort McClintock and speak to Gutsy again to progress the quest.

If that doesn’t work, you’re not completely stuck. Bethesda, as proven in the 1.02 update with the Bureau of Tourism bug fix, is clearly able to take community feedback into account. Your next best bet is to (politely!) bring up the issue with Bethesda Support on Twitter, as well as any other official channels. From there, you’re going to have to rely on an official patch arriving imminently if you want to continue anytime soon.